Virgo moon and virgo moon compatibility

Due to such characteristics, they love to take on such jobs or tasks in which lot of detailing is required or which has a great scope for micromanagement of things and situations.

Virgo People are Studious

Such individuals are always averse to public displays of affection and most of the times get repulsed because of that. Such individuals tend to be shy in meeting up new people. However, once they get to know them and gradually open up, they are in their own elements and strike a good rapport with them. Additionally, they are born sceptics in nature and tend to be over critical of themselves as well.

Would like to know more about yourself or a beloved? Get a clear personalised, Birth Chart Analysis — Janampatri. This unique report will help you to know about important aspects of your life — the opportunities you should not miss and the difficult periods that you should be careful of. Positive Qualities Individuals with the moon in Virgo are simple people with no frills attached to them. They prefer to live a quite unassuming life far from the public sphere. However, they are very helpful in nature and love to help those who are in need.

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Such individuals tend to live their life in a set routine and seldom deviate from it. They have an eye for detail and are extremely dexterous in the micromanagement of things and situations. Thus, they usually love such types of jobs that require care of small things to be taken and excel in that. Such individuals generally are trustworthy in nature and also are dependable in nature.

They tend to grasp the entire dynamics of a situation quite easily and thus are able to give relevant advice that is advantageous. They tend to react fast in a situation of crisis and due to their practicality, crisis situations are successfully taken care of.

Thus, they are handy people to have around and combined with their helpful nature, are always useful to people. They have a knack for counselling and possess great talent of comforting others and making them feel better in a situation causing discomfort.

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  • They are full of curiosity and they always like to stay busy. For such individuals, being happy means feeling that they have their life in their control and don't aspire for other materialistic desires. Negative Qualities Individuals with the moon in Virgo tend to be low in their self-esteem and love to lead a simple unassuming life.

    Thus, they may be accused of being as underachievers or not setting high standards for themselves. Also, they are easily stressed when they are out of their comfort zone.

    Moon Sign Compatibility: How to Use Moon Signs in Love and Dating - VICE

    Such individuals are highly dependent on their routine and live a kind of regimental life where any kind of deviation is not welcome. They thus tend to be overdependent on their routine and cannot function optimally if the routine is absent from their lives. Such individuals are often labelled as being fussy and complainers who find faults in small things which other people even don't notice. In relationships, individuals with the moon in Virgo tend to be shy and intimidated.

    They tend to be over conscious of themselves and combined with their inherent low self-esteem, can interfere in forming a strong bond with their partner. Also, they tend to be too critical of themselves and others. In addition, they tend not to divulge their feelings and keep them bottled up, which affects the state of their health too. They are born sceptics and insists on finding practical uses to everything, which is not possible. You may speak directly to one of our astute astrologers with the service - Talk to An Astrologer and get guidance from an astrological perspective.

    Interested in knowing more about Virgo-born, you may also read about Virgo Zodiac. Also Read Virgo About. Aries Horoscope. Leo Horoscope. Sagittarius Horoscope. Taurus Horoscope. Virgo Horoscope. Capricorn Horoscope. Air signs are compatible with fire signs and other air signs. Water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are compatible with earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn and other water signs.

    And earth signs are compatible with water signs and earth signs. They are naturally drawn to each other and there is usually a lot of attraction between them. It can either be the best there ever was and ever will be, or a total fiasco. Pretty much the same thing, albeit less powerful, goes for Same-Sign couplings. If anything, compatible sun signs are a nice bonus. Your Venus is by far the most important placement in relationships. The Moon represents what men find most important in a woman, though not necesarily in a romantic way.

    Look at your venus for this. Mars takes charge of sexual attraction. Finally, you might want to take a look at your Juno. You need your birth time to calculate it. Juno was the Roman godess of marriage. Virgo : [Separates their laundry twice to make sure its categorized by color, garment and type of material]. JavaScript is required to view this site.

    Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes. Virgo: They did everything they could to please you.

    Moon in Taurus with Moon in Virgo

    You made them feel like they were crazy for wanting to be loved. You left them feeling unwanted. It can say something about how you met, how they first saw you, the impression you left on them. This is the area of their life where your presence was meant to serve a larger purpose. You could represent an authority figure or someone they look up to in that area, as you as the Sun are representative of a strong, beaming presence in their life. They feel seen and recognized as a unique, creative individual with purpose in that area.

    You are interested in that area of their life and want to shine a light on how they handle those matters. You inspire them to want to shine and be noticed in that area, to show themselves off and be more confident in how they do things.


    You nurture and protect this part of them. They feel prioritized, valued, and deeply understood by you in that area. A strong potential for intimate soul bonding surrounding the matters of that house. They may rely on you for comfort and security in that area. You are naturally curious about that part of their life and want to discuss those matters with them.

    You bring about topics concerning that area that they might not normally gravitate to, but feel an ease and openness around you to discuss them. You might introduce new skills or new interests in that area. Your partner feels at ease in that area because of you. They see you as an asset to that part of their life, or something to show off because of how good you make them feel in that area.

    Your Venus in that particular house shows that you are attracted to that part of them. You desire that part of them and in particular, to form a relationship with them based on the matters of that house. This is where you bring heat, passion, and light a fire under their ass. It becomes a sensitive area for them because they feel you pushing, poking, and prodding them there. To them, It might be annoying, it might feel exciting, but it is definitely stimulating and will definitely bring out a reaction from them.

    You may get impatient with them in this area of their life. You will also motivate them to take more action and stand up for themselves in that area too. This is the area where your very presence seems to do wonders for them. They feel happier, more positive, and confident in that area because of you.

    You think highly of them in that particular aspect of their life, and they see you as a confidante or guru within that realm as well. You bring your own past baggage to this part of their life, making them feel more sensitive and self-conscious about that particular area when before it meant nothing to them.

    Venus enters Sagittarius

    Perhaps you might be looking for recovery through them, via that particular area of their life. You slow them down in that area. This is the area where they can feel judged by you or self-conscious when you watch how they handle that area. All of a sudden, that part of their life feels heavier and like they need to be more serious about it.

    They can feel either criticized by you or stabilized by your presence when they deal with that area. You can help them see things in a new light, introduce an innovative approach, and bring about progress in that area. Relating to matters of that house, they can see you as unreliable or unpredictable, while you see that part of their life as needing to be shaken up and introduce them to a whole new perspective on how to deal with it.

    This is also where you can play devils advocate for them, challenge them to think differently, try handling things in a totally new, fresh and unexpected way. You represent a feeling of being limitless and totally free from restriction, in how they approach that part of their life. You bring imagination and creativity to this area of their life, as well as compassion and sensitivity. You want to save them from themselves regarding the matters of that house. In that area of their life is where they feel the most enchanted by your spell, you are able to influence them in thinking things are better than they really are.

    They may feel you are there to help them with something and unknowingly use you as a carrier for all of their burdens or worries in that area. Life feels like it has a little more magic in that part of their life because of you.

    Virgo Moon Compatibility

    You possess dominion in that area of their life, whether this is consciously done or not. This is the part of them you want to know everything about, the part where you want to unearth their secrets, see firsthand everything they hate about themselves. They may feel resentful to you for showing such an interest in that area of their life, but can find the magnetic draw of your control and possession hard to resist.