4 of december astrology

You might feel overcome by a wild and heady kind of generosity this week.

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These are the kinds of feelings that inspire you to grand gestures, the kinds of feelings that motivate you to shoot your shot, to tell your secrets, to make the big and noble attempts at happiness and love. This week is about the desire to give your whole best self to the world — and this kind of energy, left unchecked, can be a chaotic force.

This is a week to resist all that! This is a week for caring for yourself in the ways that are good, but not always easy. Take a moment this week to stop and reflect on your own life on this crowded, spinning planet. Connection with other people can be a lot to bear. There are so many ways to be vulnerable and so many ways to be let down. It can feel, sometimes, like the whole world is set against you.

December 4 Sagittarius Personality

It can feel, sometimes, like nobody is really listening; if this is your current experience, then it might be time to try a change in tactics. You might feel a wild urge to act irresponsible this week — to race ahead even when the terrain is rough and the visibility is low, or to lean over the edge of a mountaintop just so you can feel the fresh cool air on your face, or to speak an inadvisable truth out loud, in public.

December 4 Birthday Horoscope

Sometimes, being underestimated feels like a powerful secret, like a hidden weapon to be used when you need it. They can start to shape your vision and your soul. You know what you can do. This week, give yourself permission to be brave enough to close some doors so you can open others. You might be faced with change this week, change as dark as the ocean or as hot as a flame — and as difficult to hold in your hands.

You might want to respond by resisting, by digging your heels into the ground and refusing to be moved. But no matter how firmly you hold yourself in place, the world will keep shifting around you.

You can let the world change, and you can let it change you, and the sun and the stars will astound you with their fresh golden light. When your inner life is as beautiful as some faraway galaxy, the everyday human world can feel stifling and unbearable. Your vision might be trained on the deep haunting night, your mind focused on vast and ancient mysteries, but your body is stuck here on earth, forced to do things like working in an office, like washing all the dishes that keep piling up.

But this week, you might be offered a break in the despair.

Qualities of People born in December

Things need to get finished on December 4th and everything that was part of the plan is to be brought to life, step by step. People born on this date tend to plan everything too far ahead, ambitious and well organized, sometimes going into the extreme of giving up the very last second, just as things are about to fall in their place. They need to round up everything they can to avoid the inner pressure that is constantly rising.

There is a strong determination in this planetary row, and individuals born on the 4th of December will be pressured by debts left by their ancestors to resolve. They are ambitious, firm, the pillar of support for those they love, and easily take on long-term and deeply demanding projects that they might lack the motivation to bring to an end. They are loyal, sometimes stubborn, and often holding firmly to beliefs that are a bit dramatic or shaped by the collective. These planets speak of personal boundaries, both physical and emotional, and a lot of solitude and space is needed for these Sagittarius representatives to use their full potential and constructively build their life around goals that inspire them and make them truly happy.

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Both of these symbols show a certain flow, a progress and the way things done in the past influence one's circumstances today, and in the future. This is mostly a story of action and consequence, the effects sometimes hard to anticipate as things tend to change along the way. On the other hand, we can see the connection between the past and the future found in today, and it is safe to say that the dawn of true consciousness and direction in lives of these individuals comes from living in the moment and giving their best to do what they can in present tense.

December Born Quotes

The striving in lives of those born on December 4th is personal freedom. They often have trouble seeing the true potential to be free from social and collective limitations, and could feel victimized by fate itself instead of seeing the symbolism behind things that happen in their life, so they can bring liberation for their heart on their own. It is a wise choice to study astrology or any other language of symbols that will help them get in tune with their inner truth so they can understand what needs to be done in the real world, to start living their visions in plain sight. Although they are warm and ready to fall in love, people born on the 4th of December could have some repetitive troubles in their romantic life.

They need a partner who truly understands their need for solitude even if they seem to be the most social of all social butterflies in a bunch. When choosing to build their shared world with someone, they need their sense of personal freedom intact and to not be burdened by too much of their partner's responsibility. Their strong personality easily takes over the issues of others and this could turn them into a human shield of protection for loved ones, where their own needs remain unfulfilled.

Sagittarius The Archer

Once they stop compromising and start finding shared solutions, they may just reach the ideal of relationship they wish for. A Sagittarius born on December 4th is a good mathematician or historian, someone who sees the map of moves needed to move towards a certain goal.

They have endurance and stay firm in long-term projects when on the right career path instead of a chase for status. Highly intellectual and linked to faith and higher spheres, they make incredible organizers and planners, those who are able to put all the little things in their right place, seeing the outcome of each decision made. Blue kyanite is a very good choice of stone for people born on the 4th of December. It aligns all chakras bringing order into the most chaotic processes in their inner world, followed by peace in the outer one.

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