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Some say he's in his head, and this makes him seem asexual. His Moon, Venus , and Mars will add nuance to that detached way—look at the big picture, as well as physical chemistry. A Gemini with a lot of water is more driven by his feelings.

A Gemini with ample fire in his birth chart is inspired, and very spontaneous. The way to his heart is definitely through his mind. He's intellectually curious, and above all, loves having someone he can really talk to.

On the Down Side, he's easily distracted, addicted to novelty, impatient with being bored, always plugged-in to technology , possibly living two lives, emotionally inaccessible, always keeping an eye on the exit or the next flashy thing. On the Bright Side, great company, at ease with your friends, able to change plans, a good listener, a creative thinker, open-minded, bright and a good listener. Read more about dating the Gemini man. Updated February 11, Has noticeable nervous ticks or habits like smoking Gesticulates with his hands a lot when he's talking Has insights that make others see life differently Brings comic relief to heavy situations Has a turned-on, stimulating intellect Is a breath of fresh air in stale or uptight gatherings Is genuinely interested in others Is charming and able to be detached from his problems Has an astonishing variety of interests, making him very interesting Has a lot of friends and a full calendar of activities going on.

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Whether you're a fixed sign. How to one of its on the gemini and certainly different people at once. With a Gemini man, it is hard to plan something. That is because he wants some happenings, but when he has time to think more about it, it is very likely that he will lose interest, or find something more interesting. Sometimes he can wear a mask and hide what is happening inside. Even if he has some issues, only a few people will know that. However, this takes no more than 2 or 3 days. He is a sociable person and contacts with his friends, family, or a partner will help him overcome the dark thoughts.

He likes it when there is something to think about.

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Of course, not about something serious, but he likes intrigues. He is snappy and will always find a way how to get out of some situation. Gemini man is witty. His sense of humor is above average. Some people can think of him as he is a clown. It is just in his nature that he is an entertainer. Further, a Gemini man is aware that women are crazy about the type of a fun, outgoing and amusing guy.

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  • Gemini Man – In Love, Compatibility, Personality, Best Match, Traits;

His most powerful weapon is the words. Oh, he will tell you the most lovable stories just to get you. And yes, you will believe him that the Earth is flat, that black is white and everything that he wants you to believe. It is funny, but when he has a pick on a woman, he can be sarcastic. This is a part of his game in order to draw attention. And then, once you fall into a trap, he will continue with the other tactics — compliments.

This is something he also likes — to get compliments. The Gemini man is hard to commit. Still, he finds a partner a gives up most of his bad sides, at least for some time. Usually this man has a double life, or in other words, said he has two partners. A Leo woman is a real lioness. She is beautiful, proud, strong and wild. In life, this woman rules everything. She is a master of her life and goes to exact goals.

There is no obstacle for her, as she always finds a way. Many admire her personality, and this is nothing strange.

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Leo woman is one of the most powerful women among the zodiac signs. This lioness is self-sufficient. She is making her own world, without a help of a man. If there is a man in her life, she will accept his help, but for sure can do without. However, a man can be the source of inspiration or someone who is her driving force.

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She will admire men who are more successful than she is but will rarely choose them as partners. And in the rare situation she does, the Leo woman will try her best to compete with him. This relationship will turn into a rivalry and will affect her bad.